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5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips | Joshua Jay Event Guide

5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Here are our top 5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips for every bride & groom. Follow these simple tips to make sure your wedding gets off on the right foot!

1. Start with Your Guest Count

Your guest count will help you select the perfect venue and also help you build your wedding day budget. Your caterer, bar, rentals, florals-all of it is based on your guest count.

2. Create a Budget

 You NEED a budget. Knowing your budget will help you build the right team and make the right choices for your big day! Being up front with what you’re prepared or able to spend for each portion of your event will keep your options open to possibilities and will help to keep your vision & expectations in reason. There are great vendors at every price point. While the vendor you have reached may not be available or the right fit, they may have the perfect recommendations or advice and insight for your needs.

3. Save the Date

Decide what is most important to you – do you need next season’s Vera Wang wedding dress? Want an elaborate charcuterie & cheese board or a custom Whiskey bar?  Finding the perfect vendor, no matter what they vend, takes time.  As with most things- the very best people and companies book early and often stop taking new booking once their calendar is filled up.  Most popular wedding venues & vendors are booking, at a minimum, one full year out so. Many will be long booked by then even! So…set your date and start building your “A-Team” ASAP!

4. Hire Professionals

You absolutely need to have event day management (aka a day-of event coordinator). On your wedding day, you don’t want to be the one making sure your cake doesn’t melt in the heat or calling to double-check that the flowers will arrive on time and table clothes are matching. Also, don’t fall into the trap of having a friend, family member, or bridal party member be responsible for this huge job. While they may have the best ideas and intentions, you should let your guests be guests at your event. Leave the work and stress to the professionals and enjoy your big day with the people you love.

5. Be in The Moment

Your job is to be in the moment. Enjoy your event. Enjoy your fiancé. Make memories with your family, friends and loved ones. Once in a lifetime comes just once! Let the pros you have hired do what you have paid them to do and don’t sweat the small stuff. No little hiccup is worth letting yourself get stressed out. Time flies when you are having fun and soon it will all just be memories sure to last a lifetime! Keep a positive attitude. Take things in stride.  Don’t forget to smile and take a few moments throughout this experience to just soak it all in. Appreciate the moments…stop and smell the roses…you paid for them!!

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