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Do I Need a Professional Makeup Artist?

Do you need a professional makeup artist for your wedding? If so, what makes the difference between “everyday” makeup and “wedding” makeup?  A professional bridal makeup artist will be familiar with the effects of professional photography. They will know what to do and what not to do. They will ensure you look flawless from your first look to the last dance.

Some Things for You to Consider:

1. Flash Photography

Flash photography is a medium in which certain products cannot be used or they will not “read” in the photograph. We’ve all seen it, whether on ourselves or on somebody else, a pasty white “mask” face with a tanned looking body. It’s no fun to look like you fell face first into some flour. A professional makeup artist will know what products are specifically made for photography and which need to be avoided.

2. Durability of the Makeup Used

While our personal idea of beauty differs from person to person, on your wedding day wearing slightly more makeup than you would on a regular basis is absolutely necessary.  Not only for photographic purposes, but also for longevity. You will be moving around for hours. People will be hugging and kissing you. You will most likely be slightly stressed and emotional and therefore, prone to sweating and tears. Good quality makeup that is applied correctly will last for hours and still look fresh. This will give you one less thing to worry about. And that is a #bridalnecessity! 

3. Enhance Your Natural Beauty!

Make sure you let the “real you” shine through so that you feel confident, beautiful and ready to make that trip down the aisle. Nerves may not allow you to apply your makeup as nicely as you do on a regular basis so, having someone who does it for a living should put you at ease and give you a moment to relax.

4. Skin Care Products?

Any product that contains SPF (moisturizer, foundations, powders, etc.) should be avoided as they can cause the “mask” on your photographs . SPF’s are meant to block out harmful light and sun rays. Actually, they block any type of light. This includes flash from a camera. A professional makeup artist will have camera-friendly products and will ensure a quality application.

5. Make Sure You Book a Preview

Many brides do not feel the need to book a trial because they feel that what they want is simple and shouldn’t take any time to do at all. DON’T FALL FOR THIS invitation to disaster. Your wedding day will be hectic enough without you having your hair and makeup changed because it isn’t what you envisioned.  Most reputable artists have packages that will include a preview so you both know how you will look when the big day arrives.

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Bringing us into the planning process early is a great way to reveal all of the possibilities available for your event.

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