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Wedding Guest List Guide

The average wedding in San Diego is about $300 per person.  The least expensive place to get married is in Mississippi – which is beautiful, but heat & humidity are hard on hair & makeup. ?

Knowing that everything for you wedding comes down to how many guests. How many tables? How many ceremony chairs? Once you get to the list making you will find…it can grow fast. Every person added means you will need more of everything!

How do you decide who to invite?

There are some guests who are a no brainer: immediate family, Aunt ‘Chelle who really isn’t your aunt but has always been family, your childhood best friend and your college roomie…but between Facebook “friends”, co-workers, & people you “know”, how do you put it together?

1. It is a good idea to get your families together and talk about the guest list and your wedding vision as a couple. Your wedding may be bringing 2 families together but at the end of the day, it is your wedding – be willing to negotiate. Also who is footing the bill? It’s a tough subject but it matters. Guest count is directly tied to cost. If a particular person or group is brining a chunk of needed cash to the table be sure they get at least some input in guest count and attendees.

2. What kind of event do you want to have? Do you & your fiancé want a small intimate wedding? Do you want a destination wedding?

3. Create the Dream List. As you get into the wedding planning process, you may think of other people, use your dream list as a starting point and a reality check. If they didn’t make your dream list, should you really be inviting them now?

4. Begin trimming your list – this is where you prioritize with your budget in mind. Remember, every name is going to cost you around $300. A great move is to Make an A-List & a B-List – no one needs to know what list they are on and it will help you manage the guest list more easily.

Trimming Tips:

If your fiancé has never heard the name before or if you haven’t spoken to this person in a year don’t invite them.  Did you call them for their birthday? If not they might not be the best invitee for your wedding!

Don’t let parents/family stress you out! This can be the tricky part. They care about you & about your big day. They have to be given a voice, but at the same time don’t forget it’s your wedding and you have to be happy. It’s once in a lifetime!

Not crazy about inviting children? Don’t feel guilty about an all adult wedding. A child’s per person price point is not that far off from an adult. Every event and every family is different in this regard. for some this is a great way to save some money or elevated the events concept with an adult only crowd. Other families may be offended if their children are not invited. This is a different choice for every wedding. If you choose to go with adults only, do not be upset if some parents decline your invitation and choose not to attend your event.

Make your own rules and be supportive – this is no easy task but it is doable. Take your time. Define your event. Stick to your guns. Make tough choice. Make exceptions if you want to & don’t if you don’t. It’s your wedding and you day. Make it what you want it do be.

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